HUMOPROM® Granules

Granulated natural humic and fulvic acids from lowland peat 

HUMOPROM® Granules is a premium source of natural humic and fulvic acids,  bio-available macro- and microelements and natural enzyms: 

The high content of enzymes (natural biocatalysts) in HUMOPROM® Granules accelerates chemical reactions in soil by million of times and converts nutrients to plant-available forms.

HUMOPROM® Granules are made from lowland peat; ​It has passed natural oxidation and reduction cycles that form humic and fulvic acids and grow the number of hydroxyl and carboxyl groups (transportation and sorption fuctions).

HUMOPROM® Granules consist of immediately available nutrient humus and a high quantity of permanent humus, which is stable against microbial decomposition in soil, contributing to long term increases in soil fertility.

  • Improves the resistance of plants against stress factors (drought, salinity, and pesticides). It increases the soil cation exchange capacity and soil buffering capacity as well as the soil water holding capacity.
  • Provides stable humus to the soil and stimulates CO2 sequestration
  • Improves the soil structure and aeration of the soil, especially in sandy and clay soils
  • Increases availability of soil nutrients and improves soil water holding capacity
  • Improves the buffering capacity of soils, neutralizing pH
  • Increases fertilizer efficiency and plant productivity
  • Helps to neutralize toxins and sequesters heavy metals in the soil
  • Promotes root respiration and development, especially vertically


Soil conditioning & biostimulation of plants
Improves soil structure, enriches soil with humus, increases cation exchange, buffering and water holding capacities
USD 590 / MT
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Raw material for humate production
Set up your own production site for high-quality liquid potassium humate with minimal investments (from USD 2000) and a simple manufacturing process
USD 590 / MT
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Humic feed supplement/additive
HUMOPROM® Granules have immunomodulating and hepatoprotective properties and can be used as a feed additive for livestock, poultry and fish
USD 590 / MT
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