HUMOPROM® potassium humate 15%

Highly concentrated potassium humate from lowland peat

Liquid organic fertilizer with humic and fulvic acids from lowland peat. Increases productivity and reproductive functions, increases the biological activity of plants, helps plants to endure stress, improves the immune system.

Benefits of HUMOPROM® potassium humate from lowland peat

* High content of enzymes (natural biocatalysts, millions of times accelerate the course of soil chemical reactions, transfer nutrients from difficult-to-digest compounds into easily accessible forms for plants)
* Bioavailable macro and micronutrients
* High content of fulvic acids relative to humic acids
* High quality fulvic and humic acids (HUMOPROM® lowland peat decomposition level: >55%)
HUMOPROM® Potassium Humate 15%
USD 250 / IBC
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