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Dynamically developing market

The global market of humic acid products was estimated at 515 million US dollars in 2020 and expects to reach 848 million US dollars by 2025, with a CAGR of 10.5%.

Humic acid-based products are at an early stage of development expected to become widely spread, following the global trend towards organic products consumption. 

Unique products

The PEAT BASED Group is the only manufacturer in the world of dry peat-based water-soluble preparations for agriculture, livestock, and human nutrition. Agricultural and livestock holdings, organic and mineral fertilizer manufacturers, premix producers, and retail consumers use PEAT BASED products in more than 30 countries every day. 

Peat resources

The company operates within a vertically integrated business model consolidating all processes, from raw material extraction to finished product logistics. Deposit stocks of peat owned by the PEAT BASED Company have an estimated value of 8 million tonnes, which is enough for at least 80 years of manufacturing.

Additionally, PEAT BASED is always working to improve the efficiency of raw materials processing and supplement production. As a result, we demonstrate lower unit refining costs and a correspondingly higher return on sales. Thus, the final prices of the products are 1.5-2 times lower than the competitors', allowing our partners to have a higher markup.

High-quality standards

The proper raw material

The lack of standardization leads to the vast presence of poor-quality humic substance products on the market, which eventually discredit the whole sector of humic substances products.

Fibric peat, plants, and lignosulfonates are commonly-used raw materials of humic substance preparations. However, they consist of more than 50% non-humic organic matter; humic substances in these materials have not fully formed yet. Other manufacturers use lignite (leonardite) raw materials, which, despite relatively high levels of humic substances, have a low index of carboxyl (-COOH) and hydroxyl (-OH) groups. These are the functional chemical compounds of humic substances, which determine transportation and sorption capacity, thus the products efficiency.

The PEAT BASED Group uses exclusively high-quality raw materials in its production: lowland sapric peat.

Sapric peat consists of more than 90% humic organic matter. The presence of carboxyl (-COOH) and hydroxyl (-OH) groups is 1.5 - 2 times higher than in coal (leonardite). Correspondingly, the transportation and sorption capacity of sapric peat preparations are significantly higher.

Additionally, lowland peat is rich in natural fulvic acids (> 10% according to ISO19822), macronutrients (nitrogen, calcium, sulfur, magnesium), and micronutrients (iron, manganese, zinc, copper, bromine) in an accessible for uptake form.

The gentle technology

Currently, existing manufacturing technologies of dry water-soluble humic preparations imply aggressive methods of extraction, processing, and drying of the material, which correspondingly results in reduced cost and quality. Humic acids are fragile polydisperse structures, which may be destructured to aromatic carboxylic acids. The reaction spectrum of aromatic carboxylic groups is significantly lower than that of humic acids. Thus adsorption, ion exchange rate, and transportability (macro and micronutrients) are substantially decreased.

The PEAT BASED company's focus is to preserve the molecular structures of humic substances during production. A gentle manufacturing technology implies reduced temperature (below 70 ℃) and pH values (below 12), and high hydronic modulus (97% water), resulting in higher net-prices and premium quality products.

With compliance to these indicators, the natural concentration of soluble humic substances in the solution cannot exceed 3%. A higher concentration indicates that non-humic organic matter is present due to low-quality raw materials or incorrect technology that destruct humic substances to non-humic organic matter (aromatic carboxylic acids).

Respectively to the gentle manufacturing technology, evaporation uptakes a large amount of energy. The PEAT BASED company possesses self-established bio-energy facilities, allowing the company to produce premium-quality products at pertinent prices.

A benchmark for mutually beneficial cooperation

Our trade policy is aggressive market conquering through price dumping and forming mutually beneficial long-term business relationships based on high profitability. The key to the strategy is building relationships that are acceptable and profitable to both parties.

We invite exclusive state distributors, organic and mineral fertilizer manufacturers, premix producers to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Special limited offer for individuals and companies: ‘’agent’’ type cooperation with a straight commission reward from the turnover (fixed by a legal agreement).

Price lists and terms of cooperation
Contact: distribution@peat-based.com for more information.