The PEAT BASED Group is the world's only manufacturer of dry water-soluble humic peat products.

Our products are environmentally friendly and help enterprises improve crop production, animal husbandry, oil refining, and healthcare efficiency.

-ST IN THE WORLDManufacturer of dry water-soluble humic products from lowland sapric peat

Company structure

PEAT BASED LLC headquarters, located in New Jersey (USA), control companies ECO-WOOD SK s.r.o. in Bratislava (Slovakia), and SUDISLAVL-TURF LLC in Kostroma (Russia).

High qualified R&D departments present at all locations allow the PEAT BASED Company to release specific product formulations for contract manufacturing in a short time upon request.

We are proud of the company's long years of cooperation with one of the leading experts in the industry, the Motzz Laboratory, Inc." in Arizona (USA). This institute tests every product batch according to the ISO 19822:2018/HPTA method, guaranteeing the highest product quality to our customers.

Extraction of raw materials

The company operates within a vertically integrated business model consolidating all processes, from raw material extraction to finished product logistics.

Deposit stocks of peat owned by the PEAT BASED Company have an estimated value of 8 million tonnes, which is enough for at least 80 years of manufacturing.

-m. tonnesResource reserve of lowland sapric peat

Development and prospects

The PEAT BASED Company's priorities are to provide customers with the highest quality environmentally friendly products and focus on building mutually beneficial business relationships.

The leader in the market
The interests of our partners is a priority to the company. The PEAT BASED company confidently expands to all global markets, obtaining the status of the leading supplier of humic preparations in each field of application, and plans to double the supplies number over the next two years. We have a comprehensive knowledge base in the agricultural spectrum, livestock feeding, and the use of humic preparations as food additives.
Direct access to overseas consumers
With vast marketing opportunities, the PEAT BASED Group reaches consumers around the world. Our goal is to inform the people in all relevant markets of the unique properties of peat products.
The company currently controls several sales offices in Europe, Russia, Asia, and North America. Presence at domestic markets allows us to maintain direct contact with end-users and quickly react to demand changes.
Expansion of capacities
The framework of the corresponding program will allow doubling production capacities of peat-based environmentally-friendly humic preparations by 2023. 
Additionally, PEAT BASED is always working to improve the efficiency of raw materials processing and production. As a result, we demonstrate lower unit refining costs and a correspondingly higher return on sales. Thus, the final prices of the products are 1.5-2 times lower than the competitors'. 
Long-term investing
The main reference point of the PEAT BASED Group is the development and popularization of humic substances in the pharmaceutical industry. Numerous studies prove that humic substances are highly efficient antioxidants and biologically active sorbents of free radicals. Their unique properties avow to absorb and remove harmful toxins from the body. Studies currently conducted by world-leading research institutions prove the effectiveness of humic substances even in cancer treatment.